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ASSIGNED SCENES: 45/45           FINISHED SCENES : 39/45




🔵 What is Preti in Mano?

🔴 It was a  television program aired on a small TV channel called Telesassari from April 18, 2010. Two guys dressed as priests go around the street asking questions and playing meaningless games. Something you would see on Adult Swim, let's say.


🔵 What is, instead, Preti in Mano Animated?

🔴 A collaboration more than 45 different artists. Each one will animate a scene from the program's theme song. Each animator is free to interpret the scene following the style he/she wishes. Traditional, digital, 2D, 3D, stop motion, cut out and everything you can think of. The most important thing is to respect the duration of the scene.

🔵Can I choose the scene?


🔵is there a deadline?

🔴 We will define the deadline together: the project is proving to be more challenging than I thought, so I decided that from now on we will agree on a date together. If for any reason you are going to abandon the project it is better to know as soon as possible, so your scene will be assigned to another artist.

🔵How will I be credited?

🔴 You can use your name, nickname or whatever you prefer. Everyone is also entitled to a link (website, instragram, youtube). It will also be added in the info of the video.

🔵 How do I know how long a scene is?

🔴 Here's a video with the duration of each scene. At the bottom right the number of frames.




🔵What are the specifications of the video?

🔴25fps, 1440x1080 (4:3 aspect ratio), .mp4/.mov uncompressed

Send everything to: a p o c a l o s o @ g m a i l . c o m

Object: PIM - *Your Name* - *Scene Number*

Also add the name and the link you want to use in the credits.

🔵 Can I change some things like camera angle, composition, add animations?

🔴 You can add your own personal touch and twist a scene, but try to respect the camera position and composition to a minimum. Use your imagination, but try to make the scene recognizable.

🔵 Can I add signatures/watermarks to the video?

🔴 It would be better not to add signatures. I will take care of the credits at the end of the video, I will make sure that everyone's work is recognized.

🔵Can I collaborate in a group?


🔵How many scenes can I do?

🔴Preferably one. But if there will be a shortage of animators I could ask you to do an encore.

🔵Can I post my work online?

🔴Of course! If you need to publish it you can also add #pretiinmano But I suggest to wait for the official release of the video  🙂

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